Atomic Edge's Completed Game List

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Game Platform Date Thoughts
Call of Duty 4 - Regular 360 29th Dec 2007 A brilliant game and some of the best story telling in any game ever
Guitar Hero III - Medium 360 9th Dec 2007 Better than Guitar Hero II, almost done Hard too, thats my next target.
Mass Effect - Normal 360 8th Dec 2007 A brilliant RPG, possibly one of the best ever. Warrents a second playthrough, which I am doing now!
Parappa the Rapper PSP 24th Oct 2007 This game has not aged well, but seeing as it only took me 30 minutes to complete, I can't complain.
Portal 360 23th Oct 2007 A great, if not short game, and one that I will be revisiting on a regular basis.
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